In reponse to COVID-19

a letter to our community

Dear Friends,

Our purpose at Peace Warrior Yoga and Wellness is to provide a place of refuge, where people can recharge and get some much needed selfcare. For the past few weeks I have been doing everything I can to keep the space open and safe for the community. Unfortunately, as the virus continues to spread, it has become clear to me that it is better for the community if I temporarily close the studio. This is the only socially responsible way to help to stop the spread of this contagion.

We will be closed for at LEAST the next two weeks. (This is effective immediately, so there will be no classes on Monday, March 16th.) I will continually re-assess the situation and will re-open the studio as soon as possible.

In the interim, all class package expirations will be adjusted accordingly and I will investigate the possibility of offering online classes.

I will post updates on our website and continue to communicate with you via email.

Please be healthy and responsible in your own way.

Let us do all that we can to stop this disease and hope that we can do this quickly.

In love and light,

Billi Jo and the Peace Warrior Tribe.

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Welcome Back! As we move back in to our indoor space we have a few rules moving forward. Please take the time to read and as always, if you have any questions reach out and I will be happy to clarify.

1 – Space for indoor classes is limited so registering for class is a must. If you do not cancel at least 3 hours before class, your account will be charged the price of a drop-in regardless of your package or unlimited membership. NO DROP-INS! NO LATE ARRIVALS! NO EXCEPTIONS!

2 – Arrive no earlier then 10 minutes before class. If there is a another class in session upon arrival, waiting outside until the other class has exited would be best!

3 – Your practice space will be clearly marked in the studio. Respect each other’s space. Social distance yourself away from each other. I know this is difficult but please remain a safe distance.

4 – Please no lingering at the front desk. Once you arrive, move directly into the studio and to your mat.

5 – If you feel sick, have a cough, sneezing, fever or have been around anyone who has been…please stay home. 

6 – Bring your own mat, props and water. Leave most of your possessions behind as to not crowd the check in area.

7- Wash your hands!

Please be patient as we move back indoors. We are doing our best to provide a safe and enjoyable yoga experience