13 Hands Week!

4 Day Immersion of Yoga, Sound, Chakra/Organ Understanding, Community, & More with Grammy Nominee, 13 Hands!

7:15pm-9:15pm Monday 9/23 explores Chakras 1 & 2
Muladhara (masculine) and Svadisthana (feminine)
7:15pm-9:15pm  Tuesday 9/24 explores Chakras 3 & 4
Manipura (masculine) and Anahata (feminine)
7:15pm-9:15pm  Wednesday 9/25 explores Chakras 5 & 6
Visshudda (masculine) and Anja (feminine)
7:15pm-9:15pm Thursday 9/26 culminates with Chakra 7 & 8
Sahasrara (masculine and feminine / unity consciousness)
7:15pm-9:15pm Friday 9/27 Kirtan/potluck/community celebration


Mon-Fri, September 23-27

7:15-9:15 PM


One Workshop: $30
Two Workshops: $55 ($5 discount)

Three Workshops: $80 ($10 discount)

Four Workshops: $105 ($15 discount)

Full Week: $130 ($20 discount)


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